Patrice Buechi

Having been born on the french Riviera and grown up in the canton of Ticino (Switzerland) very near Lake Como, one fine day the father of Patrice, who competed in motorboats, decided that “the boy must learn to handle a sailboat”. Patrice was eleven years old. It was a Saturday morning, and the Dinghy was moored across the wind to the pier with the sail already hoisted. But Arthur, the boatswain at the Como Sailing Club who should have been Patrice teacher, was busy with other sailing club members. At this point Patrice thought he might as well jump on board and have a closer look at all the halyards, ropes, sheets, hoists, blocks and other various gadgets that he had never seen before on motorboats. Naturally he knews how to undo a mooring rope and once that was done, it didn't take much to realize what he had to do in order to be carried away by the wind and rocked by the waves. From that day, the sailing virus had Patrice irremediably in its grip; so much so that one beautiful day he decided to make his passion to his profession.

Carolin Buechi

"The versatility of the sailing sport has fascinated me since adolescence; using the force of the wind without letting it dominate me has always attracted me. The first time I steered my parents' sailboat they had to put me on a pile of cushions, so that I could see above the deckhouse. I was 5 and immensely proud of myself. With the passing of the years I have had the opportunity of trying many facets of this marvelous sport: heeling over in the wind, the excitement of long passages in unknown waters, and the stimulation of the regattas. I also tried to communicate my passion to others by being a sailing instructor during my school years. At 18, and having just completed my sailing license, I never missed an opportunity in my free time to organize and skipper cruises in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the Caribbean. During one of these experiences I came to know Patrice and his organization on Elba. I was a client for some years until one fine day, about 20 years ago, I took the decision to remain on Elba, naturally with Patrice."

Patrice Buechi Junior

"Growing up in the nautical world thanks to my father who, when I was still a kid, bought me my first boat, a beautiful optimist to be built starting from a few pieces of marine plywood and some drawings. After a few months of evening work, chosen the color and the name, "Hurricane" was ready to sail and to make me appreciate even more the beauty of being able to move using only the force of the wind. Growing up in Ticino, a land rich in lakes, did not prevent me from getting to know other passions such as engines, and for this reason I studied and obtained my diploma as a car technician in Switzerland. The call of the sea was not long in coming, however, and a few years ago I moved to Elba bringing my mechanical knowledge on boats. Thanks to all that I have learned and to my passion for sailing, I manage the maintenance of all the boats in our charter fleet. When one says to make passion his profession!"

A solid organization:

Buechi-Yachting: behind this name, Carolin Buechi and Patrice Junior, together with their team, are working to guarantee you the perfect boats.

Sailing has been our passion since childhood, as you might have read above. We know from experience that for the success of a sailing holiday,  a lot depends on the  maintenance state of the boats, from the perfect functionality of all the equipment on board to, when you need it,  the fast reaction to resolve the problems by the organization to which you have entrusted yourselves. The satisfaction of our guests is the measure of our professionality.

Our organization was born more than 45 years ago on Elba as a sailing school with boat leasing on the side, under the name of Segel Club Elba. About 30 years ago, the charter fleet possibilities were recognized by Patrice Buechi. Already a few years ago, Patrice passed the responsability to his wife Carolin and his son Patrice Junior, who have been running the company locally ever since and will continue to do so in his spirit beyond his death in November 2021.

This is not to mention, however, the important contribution of Patrice Buechi JR, a qualified Swiss engineer who, with the help of Andrea, manages the maintenance of the fleet, and naturally also for years the current and invaluable contributions of Nee, Agnese, Karin and Yvonne who are very busy with the not always easy duty of making sure you find a clean and well-ordered boat down to the last corner.

We live the whole year with our boats and know each one of them down to the last detail.

Fully equipped, accessories of the highest standard, qualified staff, our very long experience and our love of the sailing sport are the best guarantees that we can offer you. As the above comments illustrate, our claims are confirmed by the very high percentage of satisfied clients who regularly return to us, year after year, as well as by the many messages of appreciation that continually come back to us.

Our fleet, composed of 15 boats and ranging up to 50' and a catamaran,  come from one of  the most famous European boat companies, amongst which are Bavaria and Fountaine Pajot. We await you at our nautical base in Portoferraio (Elba).

Come to us and let go the lines to sail in crystaline waters, explore beautiful bays and fascinating islands with romantic small towns.

We await you with great pleasure.

Carolin Buechi & Patrice Junior