Three week cruises starting from Elba

All routes previously suggested are also ideal – with a side trip here and there – for a three week cruise. In such cases, the single legs can be planned in order to avoid long stretches under motor and/or to include some swimming stops. You can also take advantage of the extra time to visit some inland attractions, for example go by train from Ajaccio or Bastia to Corte in the mountains of Corsica, or do a tour of Cap Corse by taxi, do some walking, etc.

Here are some other route ideas:

Circumnavigation of Corsica - about 450 nm

Rund Korsika - ca. 450 sm

Italian and French Riviera up to St. Tropez - about 660 nm

Italienische und französische Riviera bis St. Tropez, ca. 600 sm

Circumnavigation of Corsica including Northern Sardinia - about 600 nm

Rund Korsika mit 2 Abstechern nach Asinara im Westen und Olbia im Osten Sardiniens, ca. 600 sm

Continental Italy down to Ischia/Capri - about 600 nm

Italienisches Festland bis Capri,Ischia - ca. 600 sm

All the suggested routes can be combined or modified at will, according to individual requirements and weather conditions, so as to fit both a sporting crew's desires or a relaxed family holiday. When planning your cruise, don't forget that outside of high season the Mistral can have its effect. On the other hand in Summer, you should generally plan shorter legs because of the predominantly lighter breezes and the consequent irritation of long engine running hours.