“A big thank for the exceptional and always available assistance, very pleasant check-in and check-out, a yacht in perfect condition (Ningaloo II). Thanks for everything!”
M.L. - Ningaloo II

    The best references for any company are satisfied guests who enthusiastically come back, year after year.

    The following is a short selection of comments which guests have sent us over the years. They motivate us with their appreciation, and allow us to advance thanks to some constructive comments. We hope it will give you an idea of the service we offer and the holiday you can have if you choose us as your charter company. 

    " Thanks to the whole Buechi team for a great holiday with the family on the "Gaia". Even though the weather (mistral) did not play along, we were once again greeted by a well-kept and intact sailing yacht and the cordiality of the entire team. Kind regards"
    Family B - Gaia 2021

    "Dear Buechi family, Dear Buechi team, a few days have already passed and our sailing trip with "CLEO" has become history. We had a wonderful sailing trip with a great ship and an extremely friendly, committed and customer-oriented crew at the charter base. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us! You made it possible for us to have a wonderful and untroubled cruise. It was also great that Martin made the handover with us and that we were able to get to know his 2nd home. Many greetings to him! We will gladly come to you again. We are already dreaming of a trip just the two of us with Martin. Best regards"
    T and M.E. - Cleo 2021

    "Top! Conscientious, top organized, super friendly and helpful charter company! Keep it up!"
    M.B. - Eos 2020

    "Dear Carolin, dear Patrice, now we have chartered the 3rd time with you. Yvette and I would like to thank you and your team very much. You have contributed so much to our well-being without expecting anything in return. Our holidays with you and with you have left a deep impression on us. Thank you very much for that. It is just like that with you, to arrive and feel good. This is how it was with the Paraty in September. Yvette and I hope that you will continue this for many years to come. We are sure that many of your clients will feel the same way. We have already sailed some of your yachts and we have nothing really to complain about. The two of you and the team are very much appreciated and we would like to thank you again for your warm and professional commitment. Until we have our own boat, we will stay with you. Best wishes from Yvette and Mario
    Y.+M.B. - Paraty 2020

    "Very good! Very satisfied all around - hardly any possibility to make this even better! I have already organised many cruises. But never before has the entire process run so smoothly and above all so customer-oriented. Many thanks for this. I am happy to recommend Buechi Yachting to others. I am looking forward to seeing you again.
    R.M. - Ningaloo II 2020

    "Very friendly and competent, you take your time for questions. Yacht in top condition, perfectly equipped. Suggestion for improvement: Point out at the briefing to shallow water in the harbour, we have discovered this in the folder!".
    D.K. - Papillon 2020

    "Pleasant, friendly, uncomplicated! On "Hideaway" we felt very comfortable again. Thank you for the prompt repair of the sail and the accommodating handling".
    A.R. - Hideaway 2020

    "Perfect as ever. Many thanks to you and the whole team for making our autumn trip once again something special, even under Corona conditions! We are already looking forward to the next cruise 2021 on your island.
    B.K. - Gaia 2020

    "After 20 years as shipowners we chartered "Canugadue" for a week in June, for a family cruise. Boat absolutely in order, very, very clean, with sails, sheets and halyards of quality and outboard engine with still the signs of factory. Impressed to find the refills for the self-inflating jackets and the tester on board. Quick and precise check in and check out, great helpfulness and courtesy. We will be back at the end of July! Thanks".
    Stefano, Chiara, Marta, Elia - Canugadue 2020

    "The service is first class and I will warmly recommend you!"
    C.O. - Ningaloo 2020

    "As always, everything was perfect. Many thanks for the great and enjoyable time!"
    A.V. - Damare 2020

    "Everything went fine. We'll come back again!"
    D.L. - Lady Lale 2020

    "Very friendly and competent staff! Even older ships (2008) are in very good condition. Please keep this level!"
    R.B. - Nina Katharina 2020

    "As in the past , we had a perfect service. Everything was perfectly organized, from the signing of the contract, the arrival at your nautical base with a friendly check-in and handover of  all necessary documents, to the restitution of the yacht. The ship was in an impeccable condition. Dear Buechi Team we thank you for your great work, which you do for us again and again. Your dedication makes the holiday a real pleasure. We feel at home with you and will remain true to you also in the future”
    M.W. + F.S. - Eos 2020

    "Very nice, helpful and flexible. Thanks :-)"
    B.M - Gaia 2020

    "Dear Carolin, for the seventh time I chartered a yacht from Buechi Yachting and for the seventh time I was fully satisfied. An enchanting sailing area, absolutely reliable yachts and the Buechi team, always friendly, competent and helpful, are a real stroke of luck for all those who want to combine sailing with a wonderful holiday. And I'm sure: even on my eighth voyage with a Buechi yacht I'll be stopping at one or two ports or bays in the Tuscan archipelago or Corsica that I haven't yet explored. I'm looking forward to it! Dear Carolin, it was very nice again. It will be tough if my next sailing with "Gaia" should fails due to the new pandemic, but I definitely want to make a try! Yours sincerely, C."
    C.v.K - Gaia 2020

    "Very professional from trip planning and support during the trip to the return of the yacht after the cruise. Many thanks for the reservation of berths in the harbours.
    F.B. - Mina 2020

    " Older boat (note: built in 2008), but very well maintained! Lovely and friendly assistance!"
    O.B. - Lady Lale 2020

    "Dear Carolin, a THANK YOU to your tireless hands. I would also like to add that your long-time "cleaning team" is doing a great job; thank you! Please find attached the evaluation questionnaire, what should I tick? The 4th column is missing ! For example, "very much" or "above average" is missing for reception/gentleness/maintenance/assistance! My best regards, T.
    T.M. - Mina 2020

    Dear Mrs Buechi! Unfortunately, we did not manage to say goodbye to you personally when we left. We spontaneously decided to take an earlier ferry at 8 am. Nevertheless we wanted to thank you and your team for a great week. We had a wonderful cruise full of adventure. We are very grateful to have had a trusty boat with “Iris”! Many greetings."
    L.B. - Iris 2020

    "Carolin makes it possible! With no other charter company would I book a 10-year-old ship! Excellent maintenance!"
    I.W. - Iris 2020

    "Service: Excellent! Especially your support in booking berths at our destination ports was very helpful!
    B.T. - Lady Lale 2020

    "We were more than satisfied for the second time in five years! It's the best we could wish for".
    J.H. - Papillon 2020

    "Thank you very much for your personal and attentive service - from boat reservation to detailed briefing, check-in and uncomplicated check-out. Many thanks also for the reservation of berths in the marinas. The whole team is very helpful and friendly. It was a wonderful week on Kiriwina. The yacht was in perfect condition. We are glad to have made our first charter at Buechi Yachting. We will definitely come back!"
    K.+U.T. - Kiriwina 2020

    "Dear Mrs. Buechi, as I do not have the possibility to print your questionnaire at the moment, I will answer you even without the crosses and I hope that it will still be of help to you. I can give you the best feedback on all the evaluation points. The booking and the reception were very friendly. I really appreciated the clear briefing. The condition of the boat, as well as the equipment, was good. The boat was also very clean and the check out proceeded without any problems. One point. The sails, especially the mainsail, are a bit old and in my opinion no longer optimal. I have no other suggestions for improvement and I would certainly book with you again. We found you over the Internet. The cruise was very pleasant, to which you, your team and the well maintained boat contributed. Thank you very much. I wish you to continue to be successful even in these difficult times. Goodbye!"
    F. B. - Eos 2020

    "All very well! It's fine that the moorings in your marina can be used free of charge during the week. Thanks again for the prompt service when getting stuck in a fishing line and for the good tips when berthing!
    A.B. - Canugadue 2020

    "Very, very good, also the innovation of the pizza on Saturday evening at your marina, very pleasant". From the first booking enquiry to the disembarking operations, you are in perfect hands. The professional management of the pandemic crisis should be underlined. We have always been very well informed and felt very secure both at departure and throughout the cruise. As always an unforgettable holiday, an unsurpassed service. 100% recommendable. Thanks to the whole team. Of course we will come back".
    U.R. - Eos 2020

    "Perfect. Professional assistance even for small "problems" during the cruise.
    A.K. - Iris 2020

    "Very good! We'll come back! Very correct if you need to change your booking".
    W.H. - Nina Katharina 2020

    "All-round reliable service and friendly, helpful staff".
    B.M. - Mina 2020

    "Dear Mrs Buechi, thank you again for the beautiful holiday we had, the fine boat and the perfect service. You are one of the best charter companies in the Mediterranean, well maintained boats, and you are meticulous and reliable!".
    U.B. - Gaia 2020

    "Everything went well :-) The service was perfect and I had never received such a well prepared boat before. Simply top! A compliment to the whole team!"
    P.W. - Damare 2020

    "Salü (swiss greeting) Carolin, we managed to spend another week on the beach of Lacona (VSMaria) after the wonderful week of sailing. For us, as a family, it was a really exceptional holiday, with many new experiences, impressions and stories. As already mentioned, the danger of a repetition is enormous.... ;-) Your service with the free transfer from the ferry port or bus station is above average, and the car-free travel is possible without any problems".
    Family W - Eos 2020

    "Hello, Carolin and thank you. We really enjoyed our time together with you. For us it is much more important to be well looked after and get a well maintained ship than to find the cheapest offer. With you we had both, so as to say: the quality/price proportion is right and we always had the feeling that you like to take care of your guests. It was really great. Your service is very good, warm and personal, an important positive difference compared to many other charter companies".
    Family G. - Ningaloo II 2020

    "Dear Carolin, we will not forget this holiday for the rest of our lives, because it was a unique and very special experience. Many thanks to you and your team for making this possible. For us it was not obvious to be able to leave in these conditions and so soon after the travel restrictions had been removed. Thanks to your excellent precautions, you have ensured that we felt protected and safe from the virus at all times, thank you once again. And then there's your sea, sun, wind - this deceleration took us away from all the worrying news and professional constraints... simply super relaxant. Best wishes to you and your team".
    K.+M.B. - Lady Lale 2020

    "We were among the first charter guests of the Buechi Yachting in the 2020 season. The Bavaria 42 Cruiser we rented was built in 2009, well maintained and equipped with all comforts. The pleasure of sailing could be enjoyed by us throughout the week. The sailing area is very varied, long and short distances can be planned very well. Buechi Yachting is a serious and correct charter company. We will be glad to come back and can definitely recommend Buechi Yachting.
    Dr. M.W. - Canugadue 2020

    "I would like to thank you for the extremely detailed and valid information that you have sent us together with the charter agreement. I am looking forward to the first cruise with Buechi Yachting. We have already heard so many good things about this company from friends"!
    M.S. - Hideaway 2020

    "Buechi Yachting. Maybe the best charter company we've met in years. Very precise, family-run, they know each boat in detail and keep it at the top of maintenance. In winter, the boats are dismantled and taken to the large square for the winter maintenance. All their boats are well maintained and the company is immediately available for any problem. We had a problem with the stove thermocouple which they immediately replaced. We had a problem with the stern platform engine and they came from their base to Porto Azzurro to fix it. They also helped us to book berths in some ports.
    The boat (Mina) was newly launched in May 2019. No major problems everything worked except 3 small problems (kitchen thermocouple, rear door relè, wind station software did not detect the true wind) that however did not affect the outcome of our holiday.
    The base  is located in an unattractive industrial area but well equipped and still very close by car to the center of Portoferraio. All in all, I believe that Buechi-Yachting is an organization of excellent quality that you can rely on.

    L. A. – Mina 2019

    "Good! Some minor damages caused by us to the sails have been repaired immediately and free of charge!"
    J.K. - Iris 2019

    Suggestion for improvement: the charter base was not easy to find (signposting!) Very good and friendly service. Excellently maintained and equipped ships."
    P.T. - Ningaloo II 2019

    "Hello from Göttingen.  We are the crew that came in October. It was fantastic!
    H.A-B - Karin I 2019

    "Service as always very good and as usual all have been extremely friendly and nice!"
    K-H.G. - Canugadue 2019

    "I like the excellent maintenance of the boats and the whole environment with the very nice team. It fits perfectly from the first minute!
    W.M. - Eos 2019

    " Friendly charter base with well-kept and fully operational ships. It is always a pleasure to charter with Buechi. Many thanks also to Carolin Buechi for reserving harbour places and restaurants.
    A.Z. - Karin I 2019

    "That was a great cruise. I have already booked 6x with Buechi and will do it again in 2020! Many thanks to the whole team"
    M.V. - Karin I 2019

    "Everything you need to navigate is at your disposal. It is very pleasant that during the rental period a mooring in the 'harbour of the house' is available for free! Tip for improvement: solar panels"!
    S.S. - Kiriwina 2019

    "Always very helpful and friendly. I would always charter at Buechi Yachting. Mrs Michel is also always very friendly and competent."
    R.H. - Iris 2019

    "We were really very satisfied! You feel really in good hands from the very first moment. Thank you!
    M.D. - Kiriwina 2019

    "Hello Mrs Buechi, several times I have enjoyed the perfect service of your charter company. For this I would like to thank you once again as well the whole Buechi Yachting crew. Best wishes from Switzerland"
    A.Z. - Karin I 2019

    "Very good service! The beverage supply is really practical!"
    M.A. - Hideaway 2019

    "Great! On your website, in the catalogue and in the paper documents, you ‘threaten’ an overly accurate check-out". Fortunately it has been the other way around: very simple!"
    R.G. - Gaia 2019

    "Always great for the past fifteen years!"
    W.K. - Nina Katharina 2019

    "Very friendly and helpful! I booked with you for the third time and was again very satisfied".
    Z.O. - Iris 2019

    "Very simple! Reliable charter base. We feel well looked after every time. Keep it up".
    J.W. - Mina 2019

    "Top-maintained and well equipped yachts. And that everything is included in the price at no extra cost is great!
    L.K. - Eos 2019

    "The professional and at the same time familiar cares are really unique!"
    T.G. - Kirvina 2019

    "Perfectly perfect! A very pleasant sailing holiday!"
    C.W. - Iris 2019

    " Great, you can hardly find better! :-) "
    P.L. - Gaia 2019

    "The service is great, couldn't be better. As always very satisfactory. We look forward to the next time".
    U.R. - Iris 2019

    "Everything was very well organized and professional. We were very satisfied and would return to Buechi Yachting at any time".
    T.T. - Hideaway 2019

    "Thanks to Carolin as well as the team for the great attention! Couldn't have gone better!"
    G.G. - Canugadue 2019

    "Super, I've never seen a charter boat in such good condition! Please continue with your excellent quality work!"
    T.S. - Kiriwina 2019

    "What a pleasant atmosphere! The boat was in excellent condition"!
    Dr B.J. – Kiriwina 2019

    "Up Top! We were delighted about the service and the tips".
    M.H. - Kiriwina 2019

    Very kind and competent. We gladly recommend Buechi Yachting to others".
    A.S. - Iris 2019

    "Thank you very much for the excellent condition of the boat and the exemplary service".
    B.K. - Mina 2019

    "Excellent! They always have an open ear and are constantly available. We'll come again".
    G.E. - Gaia 2019

    "Excellent service, very friendly, we will be happy to come again".
    J.G. - Canugadue 2019

    "Absolutely perfect service, ship in best condition! Many thanks!"
    C.O. - Kiriwina 2019

    "Our questions were answered competently, cordially and quickly. Very good general service!"
    B.B. - Damare 2019

    Top service, I will be happy to book a boat from you again and will also recommend you!
    T.P. - Gaia 2019

    "Top ratings, as usual! Best charter company in the Mediterranean".
    G.T. - Canugadue 2019

    "As always, it was a great pleasure to be able to relive an overall above-average experience!
    A.H. - Paraty 2019

    "Mrs. Buechi has done a perfect job! Thank you very much, we will be happy to come again!"
    U.S. - Damare 2019

    "Dear Carolin, our holiday is over, we are home again in the coldness. Once again it was a nice end of summer, which we could enjoy on one of your boats. Everything went perfectly again and the weather (for sailing) this year was really excellent. A big THANK YOU to you and your team. We are always happy whenever we can come back to you. Another crew asked us why we don't rent the boats on the mainland and then sail to Elba. Actually it would be obvious. Our answer was: it's because of Buechis and their service which we always find fascinating.
    K.G. - Canugadue 2019

    "A cordial hello to Mrs. Michel, Carolin, Patrice and the rest of the Buechi team. Our last cruise is dated just a few days ago and it's time for our comments. These are summed up in a few words: You are a fantastic team, thank you! We have been renting for more than 20 years, we have owned a small yacht ourselves and we know what is necessary to keep a boat in perfect condition. I would have to think very, very long before I could find something that would improve the quality of your work even more.  A big, big compliment for the great service you provide as well as the warm and friendly welcoming. See you next time, soon! Get out of this season and enter into the New Year! Best wishes. Thomas together with family and friends.
    T.F. - Nina Katharina 2019

    "Dear Carolin Buechi, we have returned safely at the Lake of Konstanz and we would like to thank you once again!  You have assisted us so well on our first sailing trip on Elba that it could not have been better. Perfectly equipped ship, top clean, great tips and constantly available! We would be happy to come back next year. As soon as our holiday planning is complete, we will book again one of your boats! We are also more than happy to recommend you!  Until next year…..keep always a hand's breadth of water under the keel!
    P. and A.L. - Gaia 2019

    "Hello dear Buechi-Team. Behind us there is another week of wonderful family sailing on the s/y 'Kiriwina'. The yacht was, as always, very well maintained and with everything else in perfect condition. After the super briefing there were no more doubts. We are always pleasantly impressed by the friendliness of the team. Many thanks to Carolin for booking the moorings in the ports, often crowded in high season, and also to Martin for the 'boat taxi' from your embarkation base to the old port of Portoferraio! Our boys and we parents were enthusiastic about it. Best regards also to Mrs Michel, who 'managed' our booking in an optimal way. We will come back in any case. Best regards from the B's.
    Family B - Kiriwina 2019

    "It is indeed a pleasure to receive such a well-maintained boat. We would like to thank Carolin Buechi once again for booking of berths in the ports and for the restaurants".
    R.E. - Paraty 2019

    "Brand new boat, all at its best! Mrs Michel's handling during the initial planning phase was perfect, the reception and briefing at the charter base was very friendly and professional. Nothing to criticise! :-)"
    H.P. - Gaia 2019

    "Thanks for the top service of the Buechi team, the minor technical faults did not bother us! The crew felt very comfortable. The ship is by far the best, runs very well in both moderate and strong winds, the engine fits to the ship!"
    O.G. - Papillon 2019

    "Service at the top! I can only thank the team, everything works great here, it's always a pleasure to book with them, I'm looking forward to October!
    W.M. - Eos 2019

    "Superb! We felt very good! We have never found such a personal and active 24/24 service with other charter companies!"
    A.M. - Flocalinja 2018

    "A big compliment because the assistance was excellent We loved everything. Thank you very much!"
    R.O. - Iris 2018

    "Excellent service, everything was done impeccably. Thank you so much and see you soon!"
    B.M. - Paraty 2018

    “A big thank for the exceptional and always available assistance, very pleasant check-in and check-out, a yacht in perfect condition (Ningaloo II). Thanks for everything!”
    M.L. - Ningaloo II 2018

    "Fabulous assistance before, during and after our cruise. We'll come back!"
    S.S. - Iris 2018

    "Thanks a lot. We have been very well, better than that!"
    S.S. - Iris 2018

    I've been renting sailboats for the past 20 years. But nowhere else have I found such well maintained boats! Keep it up!“
    M.T. - Ningaloo II 2018

    "We had never taken delivery of a boat with such perfect service. Thanks a lot!"
    K. N-P. - Canugadue 2018

    "Perfect even the advice via Whats-App while sailing, thanks! Thanks also for booking the moorings in the various ports. We had so much fun and we are ready to do it again."
    D.R. - Imperia 2018

    "And the last evening fantastic free taxi service with the speedboat from your nautical base to the old medicean harbour in Portoferraio for dinner! Super!"
    T.G. - Eos 2018

    “On our arrival we were received with courtesy and the stay at your charter base was pleasant. Great availability for the free transfer service by sea and by land, which we particularly appreciated!".
    M.G. - Iris 2018

    "A big thank you in particular to Mrs. Buechi for the help in the reservations of the moorings and for her very pleasant ways."
    L.Z. - Kiriwina 2018

    "Perfect  booking procedure  with Mrs. Michel and excellent organization at the charter base by Buechi Yachting. The description on the website reflects exactly what we had imagined. For us undoubtedly the best charter !! A sincere thank you!"
    M.H. - Hideaway 2018

    "Excellent! Accurate information (weather, places to see). Both Mrs. Buechi and her technician were very helpful  to solve an electrical problem with our car!"
    W.L. - Kiriwina 2018

    "There is absolutely nothing to complain about. Everything +++++ !!!"
    D.S. - Eos 2018

    "Observations expressed by us at the boarding base have been carefully  solved!"
    T.S. - Karin I

    "Simply fantastic.  The success of our cruise is due in large part to the assistance and boats of the Buechi Yachting!"
    C.v.K. - Canugadue 2108

    "Very well! In case of need always available. Competent and polite assistance."
    Dr. B.S. - Canugadue 2018

    "Excellent service. Very  useful reservation service for moorings in the various ports."
    M.K. - Papillon 2018

    “Service well above average! Impossible for a charter boat to exceed the quality of the maintenance of your fleet.“
    Dr. R. L. - Damare 2018

    "Dear Carolin, dear Patrice, dear Buechi Yachting Team!  As in previous years, once again my crew and I thank you for the perfect service, the courteous manner with which you cuddle your guests, and your great commitment. For several years I have been leasing boats in the Mediterranean, England and Scotland, to the Canary Islands and the island of Cape Verde and I can assure you that you are the best charter company I know. I promised you some pictures of the last cruise. Please be patient because before sending them I must first obtain the authorization from all the participants. An affectionate greeting from the Tyrol."
    MCO Sailing - Damare 2018

    "Excellent! Very courteous and very professional. Boat like new, without any problem!"
    M.K. - Canugadue 2018

    "Excellent service, very personal and competent. Upstaged all expectations!"
    Dr. C.H. - Iris 2018

    "Carolin's mooring booking service is super! To praise the whole team!"
    J.H. - Flocalinja 2018

    "Friendly, helpful, competent - Simply fantastic"
    M-P.G. - Paraty 2018

    "Dear Carolin, dear Patrice. Thank you so much for your sensational service. We were particularly fascinated by your well-organized transfer from the arrival of the ferry to your base, with the transport of luggage on a cute three-wheeled vehicle while the crew was offered a ride by powerboat. All my family was very happy  and as you can see from the last picture taken before leaving, we were all smiling despite the  overcrowding we had on board. Since the Easy Jet company had given us the opportunity to extend our stay in Italy a few days, we spent some beautiful days in Pisa and Lucca, without overcrowding! Unfortunately, our camera did not memorize the photographs taken during our cruise, so we have one more reason to come back to you. We wish you a good summer. An affectionate greeting."
    D.S. - Nina Katharina 2018

    "Perfect, exemplary. Thank you very much for allowing us to take possession of the boat ahead of schedule. "
    B.K. - Papillon 2018

    "Hospitality and assistance very friendly combined with family atmosphere. Thank you very much for allowing us to live a wonderful experience"
    H.-R. G-W. - Eos 2018

    "As always very friendly and professional!"
    B.L. - Papillon 2018

    "Hearty welcome, everything was done with the utmost competence, fair  behavior at the check-out despite a small damage to the boat"
    A.A-M. - Paraty 2018

    "360 degrees assistance, very friendly and helpful! Optimal! We were very pleased with the state of the boat and the equipment, including handbooks, nautical charts and classifier with the necessary instructions"
    C.K. - Kiriwina 2018

    "As for all my previous reservations with you, perfect carrying out of the practices. State of the boat and equipment at the top. Check-in with Carolin Buechi very detailed and friendly."
    K.K. - Canugadue 2018

    "Absolutely friendly and competent. I am very ready to repeat the experience."
    M.B. - Ningaloo II 2018

    “Exemplary! The service can not be better! Everything perfect, it was again a beautiful cruise with all members of my crew enthusiastic at the thought to come back to you!“
    K.K. - Damare 2018

    "Great service even when you return late at the end of the cruise! Also this time we felt welcomed and will come back to you for sure!"
    K.B. - Flocalinja 2018

    "Very quick intervention of your technician for the replacement of the starter motor in the port of Punta Ala!"
    M.D. - Ningaloo II 2018

    "Everything excellent! Thanks and we'll see each other again soon."
    H.R. - Flocalinja 2018

    I gladly book the boats from you because I like the cordiality and seriousnessduring the whole progress from the booking to the check-out. And every time I find boats in excellent condition. So I always come back with pleasure. I wish you a happy new year."
    Ningaloo II 2018

    "The loss of the propeller was annoying. But the reaction of Mrs. Buechi was very professional and even the case was closed properly."
    G.E. - Imperia 2018

    "Dear Carolin, Patrice, we wanted to thank you once again for a really well organized and smooth charter. We were happy with Karin I - she's a good boat - and your assistance and help during the charter was also very much appreciated. We'll certainly consider you for the future and would recommend you to our friends. Some feedback from my side is i) I would recommend considering equipping the boats with outboard grills (they are standard in the Caribbean) and ii) if possible delivering the boats to the renters around noon or so. Overall, we were happy with our experience with Buechi. Thank you once again! Best."
    K., L., P. and A. - Karin I

    "I would highly recommend chartering a Yacht from Buechi Yachting in Portoferraio, Elba. Patrice and Carolin run a very efficient yacht charter operation. The boats are well maintained, clean and well equipped. Patrice and Carolin are also very helpful, friendly and kind. They collected and dropped us to the Piombino ferry & went out of their way to make us feel welcome and to help us on our sailing holiday around Elba Island."
    Susan H. - Hideaway

    "Hi, we are back in Finland after our wonderful italian trip. We'd like especially thank you for superb sailing we had! Your service is A+ grade. We wish you very good August!"
    Family J. Giglio

    “In spite of her age, 'Tosca' is in excellent condition. I've never received such a clean boat.”
    R.M. – Tosca

    “In you we found a very competent partner, with a warm welcome and lots of good advice.”
    M.Z. – Lady Lale

    “A very pleasant check-in. A cruise very well done from all points of view. Thanks again.”
    W.M. – Eos

    “The best and nicest service that I have found in 35 years of charter.”
    H.P. – Lady Lale

    “Perfect service, difficult if not impossible to better.”
    H.G. – Gilglio

    “Dear Mrs. Michel. How many times have we already come to you on Elba? This time also, and as usual, an excellent boat, as is also excellent your whole land team.
    W.S. – Canugadue

    “It was all lovely. No problems with the boat. Excellent assistance from Carolin and Patrice, who brought us to the ferry with all our numerous bags. Once again, thanks very much from all of us.”
    Y.M. – Ningaloo

    “Thanks again to all the team. Carolin and Patrice gave us the opportunity of spending a wonderful week sailing.”
    S.K. – Damare

    “Carolin offers a 360 degree service, including making reservations at the best restaurants. Absolutely top notch!”
    N.H. – Canugadue

    “Very nice and competent. Excellent transfer service to and from the ferry. Our expectations were beyond satisfied.”
    P.E. - Skywalker

    „We wouldn't want to miss saying a huge 'well done'. Perfect service, very well kept boats, excellent assistance. These are the reasons that have us returning to you with pleasure. A big thanks to Patrice and Carolin. Until the next time!“
    M.R.S. – Flocalinja

    “As it has been for many years, everything was wonderful. Thanks to the whole Buechi team for its pleasant and professional assistance.”
    C + C. S. – Canugadue

    “The excellent service and the well-maintained state of the boat leave no room for improvement.”
    S.K. – Flocalinja

    “Super, very helpful and kind.”
    F.S. – Hideaway

    “This year too we spent a very pleasant week of sailing on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The excellent service and perfect assistance of the whole Buechi team contributed to the success of our holiday. A big thank you to Mrs. Michel for the friendly administrative process and to Carolin for the quick check in and out, and naturally also for her resourceful assistance and always pleasant availability. Our thanks also to Patrice for facilitating the embarkation procedure, accompanied by an excellent coffee. We are already seriously thinking about our next sailing holiday, and we are already rejoicing now to be seeing you soon. We wish you a good end of season and Fair Winds.”
    M.W. – Flocalinja

    “Boat always top notch, very well equipped, very nice and professional service.”
    S.E. – Iris

    “All very good. Super assistance from beginning to end. Thanks very much, we will return with pleasure.”
    O.S. Flocalinja

    “Very good indeed! Better than described, superior to expectations.”
    O.G. – Eos

    “Dear Mrs. Thum, a heartfelt thanks for your caring assistance. Our experience with you was the best that we've had in 50 years of charter. A cordial greeting also to Mr. Buechi who will remain in our best thoughts. We will return.”
    U.K. – Giglio

    “We had two wonderful weeks on “Maldimare”, full of excitement. We have tasted the sweetness of life on board. Besides sailing we had a lot of fun fishing, going around with the tender, inspecting the seabed with mask and snorkel, and towing ourselves with a rope fixed to a cleat at the back of the boat. For me, however, my greatest satisfaction was in having my young crew participate, and in the emotions which overcome me when I am in close contact with the sea. Thank you for your friendliness and for the excellent quality of your services. My expectations were all fulfilled.”
    R.F. - Maldimare

    “Hello Carolin, by now the peak of the season must have passed and you will certainly be feeling calmer. We four would once again like to thank you for a lovely holiday and excellent assistance. For whatever need or problem that came up, we always got the right, very kind advice. We feel like family with you, never left out. You always manage to do things so that at the end of the holiday people go home with good memories. Thanks again. We know we will return, as we have for many years. We don't want to look for other charter companies. We would be disappointed because there couldn't be a better organization than yours. We know that you do everything possible to improve, because you have never been entirely satisfied with what you have done. A fond greeting from Lake Constance.”
    U.-A.-E.-F. – Flocalinja

    “As always, a warm welcome from Carolin, very professional check-in, boat in an excellent state.”
    P.B. – Canugadue

    “We felt very comfortable. For the welcome, assistance, equipment and an excellent state of boat maintenance— no need to fear comparison.”
    H.F. – Giglio

    “We are, as ever, very satisfied. We can only recommend Buechi Yachting. Keep going like this.”
    A.K. Ningaloo II

    “Thank you for the excellent assistance which we are used to by now. We rejoice already to think of our next  holiday lease, hoping also to find a little more wind.”
    S. + W.D. – Eos

    “We were very happy this time too. Magnificent ability to choose the life jackets and the life belts in the right size for each child.”
    M.W. Hideaway

    “The same super service for 10 years. We'll come back again”
    G.K. – Eos

    “Top notch service as always. Every time we've been very satisfied and hope we'll manage to come back in 2014 too.”
    E.S. – Hideaway

    “What more can I say than that this year too we found the usual Buechi quality seasoned with much kindness.”
    H.B. – Iris

    “From the reservation to the check-out, all very good. Thank you to all!”
    B.K. – Ningaloo

    “Dear Carolin, dear Patrice. Coming to you to lease one of your magnificently cared for boats is a little like coming home. Thanks so much for your exceptional effort.”
    H.H. – Imperia

    “Very professional and easy. You sail with Buechi Yachting in total security.”
    K.R. – Karin I

    “I would again like to thank you. I have leased boats for 37 years and have even been satisfied with other charter boats. But I have never found as much courtesy and kindness as with you. We will see each other again soon, and I'm already rejoicing.”
    K.R. – Tosca

    “The best and least complicated charter organization in the world!”
    C.K. – Imperia

    “Preparation and processing of the reservation on the part of Mrs. Michel, super! Advice received from Patrice Buechi, super! Check in and assistance on the part of Carolin, super! Stay as you are!”
    T.B. - Flocalinja

    “A charter company with excellent personnel. Carolin offers, as always, a very professional and competent assistance, putting her soul into it. Thank you! I will return.”
    W.F. - Eos

    “Kind Mr. Buechi and kind Mrs. Thum. I've been back home for just a few weeks from a holiday on board the boat 'Giglio'. I would now like to tell you that we were all very satisfied by the boat and especially by your service. Thank you in the name of the whole crew.”
    Dr. J.R. - Giglio

    “Good morning Carolin. We had a wonderful week. No problems. The only unusual event: the cover of the cabin light fell off because of a big wave. We are actually moored in Marciana Marina now and will arrive back at your base around 5:00 pm. You and your perfect service are an excellent reason for us to return in the future.”
    L.R. - Karin

    “Good morning to the whole Buechi Yachting team. We want to thank you again. 'Maldimare' was perfectly cared for and looks great, in spite of the not few miles that have slipped beneath her keel. We were able to sail in full tranquility, thanks to the fact that everything worked perfectly. Having arrived without a car, afterwards we very much appreciated the delivery on board of the kitchen stores bought in the nearby commercial centre and, in particular, the fun and practical dinghy taxi service. Our holiday was perfect, also thanks to the wind which was never lacking. We'll certainly come back. I take this opportunity again to apologise for having given back the boat with a few scratches on the hull. We wish you a good end of season and are thinking already with pleasure of our next holiday on board one of your boats. An affectionate salute.”
    O.O. - Maldimare

    “Boat well-equipped, check-in very professional, quick and easy check-out, cordial welcome and excellent assistance from your marine base.”
    J.R. - Giglio

    “I have rarely received a check-in so detailed and professional. Simple and easy return of the boat at the end of the lease. Cleaning and maintenance of the boat, super!”
    G.K. - Skywalker

    “Dear Buechi Yachting team. Thanks again for the usual excellent service. I'm already rejoicing now, thinking about my next holiday on board one of your beautiful boats.”
    A.Z. - Canugadue

    “As always, excellent and attentive service. I'll come back”
    T.F. - Iris

    “Very kind and fast service. Much love in the details. Advice about the sailing and on land very useful. Better can't be done!”
    W.B. - Karin

    “Super, as always. The welcome from Carolin is always a pleasure. The boats are clean and in an excellent state of maintenance. We gladly continue to return.”
    E.K. - Iris 2013

    “I'm sorry not to have said goodbye to you at the end, but as I mentioned on the telephone I was in a hurry on account of my wife. Unfortunately, she fractured a vertebrate and had to stay lying down for 10 days. However besides that, the holiday was such a pleasure that we want to do it again next year. For me it was an amazing holiday, thanks again to your friendliness which I took advantage of daily by telephoning you with questions and for weather forecasts.”
    U.V. Iris

    “After some years during which we discovered new areas of sailing, we have returned to Buechi-Yachting. And we have again been struck by the quality of service, equipment on board, state of the boat and all the assistance; Buechi remains at the top of the list in our view.”
    M.K. - Imperia

    “This time too we had a week to dream about. Stable weather, a beautiful boat, a very friendly atmosphere, and efficient help. Our compliments to all the Buechi team. Also your suggestion of staying a night in the new tourist port of San Vincenzo was just right. That all the wind of the week was concentrated on the one day of Friday didn't lower our satisfaction. Thank you again for everything.”C.+ C.S. - Canugadue

    “A heartfelt thanks for your care. I wish the other charter companies would treat me so well!”
    A.G. - Acasadue

    “Excellent organization which instils confidence. Thank you Carolin for your help in finding a berth in the various tourist ports. Not to mention your advice on  restaurants, which were always delicious”.

    “We don't know a better charter company. Another deeply felt thank you for your always  friendly willingness”.
    A.B. - Karin I

    "After having had several bad experiences with other charter companies, the beautiful experience we had with you was a cure-all! Your super friendly staff, always available for us, made our holiday even more fantastic. Thank you Carolin, Luca, and Patrice. See you soon."
    A.P. – Ningaloo

    "Maximum points, because even our special wishes were satisfied."
    E.S.– Skywalker

    "Patrice’s friendliness at our arrival and check-in are always the best start to a cruise. And after the wind, sun and Italian cooking, a check-out without problems. We’ll come back for the eighth time."
    M.B. – Karin

    "The best: Through my sailing school and during the last 2 years I have met not a few charter companies who thought they were offering a first class service and top yachts. Many of them still have a lot to learn!"
    S.K. – Imperia

    "Everything at its best! We were very happy and will recommend you. Many other charter companies could learn a good lesson."
    T.S. – Karin

    "Very good! Friendly, competent, ready. For me, a beginner, this was a perfect première."
    R.S. - Iris

    "Skywalker is an excellent yacht, very well maintained. Everything worked perfectly. And the personal contact was very friendly."
    T.F. – Skywalker

    "With you, one can see that maintenance is not just a word!"
    R.S. – Sandy

    "Service in general: very good, fast and non- bureaucratic. Price – service = very good. Keep going like this!"
    R.S. – Acasadue

    "As always and as usual: perfect! Thanks a lot!"
    P.S. – Paolina II

    "Beautiful. A personal welcome, individual and professional advice. You are doing very, very well!"
    T.F. – Giglio

    "I never found a better base in all the Mediterranean. I have chartered at Patrice’s for the 17th time!"
    W.S. – Damare

    "Very effective, forward-looking and professional. The best charter of the last five years. Keep going like this! We’ll come back!"
    G.H. - Maldimare

    "We’d like to thank you again for the flawless service, the best qualityand the always friendly atmosphere!"
    C.M. – Flocalinja

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