Charter at the Island of Elba - Corsica - Sardinia

Sail with us from the Island of Elba over the crystal waters of the Tuscan Archipelago and to the Corsican and Sardinian isles!

The Island of Elba Region

The Island of Elba, the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago, has six big gulfs with wonderful anchorages lined with white beaches. Small fishing villages, lush vegetation and crystal-clear water are the main features of this unique island. It is not by chance that in the words of the British Admiralty pilot Elba is described as «the largest, the richest and the most beautiful of the archipelago's islands», followed by the motto «Here I am the King, here I can be so» (Napoleon).
Elba is also an ideal starting point for sailing cruises to Corsica, Sardinia or any of the other islands which are part of the Tuscan archipelago.

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How to reach Portoferraio on the Island of Elba

There are many low cost airlines which offer flights to Pisa. We can organize your transfers from the airport at Pisa to Piombino, where the ferry will take you to the island in about one hour.There are also direct flights to Elba.
The Island of Elba can also be easily and comfortably reached by car on major motorways.
You can also go by train. The Piombino Marittima train station is only 50 meters from the ferry departure area.

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