Two week crusises starting from Elba

Cap Corse to the gulf of Girolata - about 300 nm

Cap Corse bis Girolata, ca. 300 sm

Portoferraio - Capraia - Macinaggio - Cap Corse - St. Florent - Calvi - same as the Cap Corse week, but further, up to the gulf of Girolata and its lobsters. This route is perfect in high summer, as there are many beautiful anchorages for the day and the night, light breezes and some excellent French cooking. Given its 480 miles, the whole circumnavigation of Corsica in high season would be better done with a motoryacht. It is better done in May or September, or at least with three weeks to spend.

Bonifacio and Northern Sardinia - about 400 nm

Bonifacio mit Nord Sardinien, ca 400 sm

Portoferraio – Marina di Campo – Campoloro – Porto Vecchio – Bonifacio – Maddalena Archipelago – Porto Cervo – Porto Rotondo – Olbia – Rondinara (anchorage!) and back to Elba via Solenzara.
A route well protected from the Mistral by Corsica itself and very interesting for its landscapes and the cooking. Many beautiful anchorages, both in Corsica and in Sardinia.

Southern Corsica and continental Italy - about 400 nm

Südkorsika mit italienischem Festland - ca. 400 sm

Portoferraio – Marina di Campo – Campoloro; also a stop in Solenzara, then Bonifacio via Porto Vecchio and finally the Maddalena Archipelago with its wonderful anchorages and its crystal clear water. After resting, a long leg to the Island of Giglio and eventually back to Portoferraio via Punta Ala or Porto Azzurro.

Italian and French Riviera with Corsica - about 450 nm

Italienische und französische Riviera mit Korsika, ca. 450 sm

Portoferraio – Capraia – Marina di Pisa (the river Arno with a mooring in front of the restaurant La Foce!) – Porto Venere (La Spezia) – Portofino – Sanremo – Monaco – Nice – Cannes (also to Antibes) and back to Portoferraio via Corsica and Macinaggio. The classic «Riviera Tour», perfect for its scenery and cooking. The Mistral can be disturbing from Cannes on, and the 115 miles back to Cap Corse are quite a long way.

All the suggested routes can be combined or modified at will, according to individual requirements and weather conditions, so as to fit both a sporting crew's desires or a relaxed family holiday. When planning your cruise, don't forget that outside of high season the Mistral can have its effect. On the other hand in Summer, you should generally plan shorter legs because of the predominantly lighter breezes and the consequent irritation of long engine running hours.